Queen’s Death: Peter FitzSimons, Adam Bandt, Abbie Chatfield blasted

People the world over were quick to share their condolences for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II overnight.

But there were also plenty of trigger-happy (or Twitter-happy) public commentators keen to tell us how they really felt about first the major shift in the monarchy in almost 71 years.

Those super eager to spark new monarchy-related discussions wasted just minutes in some cases.

But the online world was just as eager to respond with a collective: “too soon”.

No time like now for a republic

Less than an hour after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced, the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) said it was time to cut ties to the British monarchy and become an independent nation.

The ARM issued its own statement expressing its condolences and acknowledging the Queen’s “significant contribution” to Australia.

Outspoken chairman Peter FitzSimons said the country had flourished under her reign and said it was “unlikely we will ever see a Monarch as respected or admired by the Australian people again”.

But just lines later, the organisation suggested the death of the beloved monarch was the time to renew calls for Australian independence, which it says the Queen herself supported.

“The Queen backed the right of Australians to become a fully independent nation during the referendum on an Australian republic in 1999, saying that she has ‘always made it clear that the future of the Monarchy in Australia is an issue for the Australian people and them alone to decide,” the statement read.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was among many to question the ARM’s timing.

“Look, I think today is a day to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, to think about her life, and give thanks and I think that is the focus of today,” Mr Albanese said.

“(It’s) certainly not a day for politics.”

Former prime minister Scott Morrison echoed his former rival’s sentiment instead saying it was not the time to reflect on questions of national independence.

“I think it is a time for mourning, for thanksgiving, and for honour and respect, both certainly to Her Majesty, but also I think to the monarchy,” he said.

“It’s the institution of the monarchy which has provided such stability to so many countries, including Australia, for so, so long.”

Bandt on board with republic and not backing down

The leader of the Australian Greens party has been accused of “disrespect” and distastefulness after a tweet regarding Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Just five hours after her passing, Adam Bandt MP tweeted his condolences, swiftly followed by a call for Australia to “move forward”.

It’s safe to say the Member for Melbourne was blasted for his timing of the tweet.

“Could you not wait even 24 hours before you politicised the death of the longest reigning Monarch? I’m all for a republic but seriously?” one tweeted.

“Could you say that tomorrow? I’m no fan of the royals but have some respect?” another said.

“Just quietly compare this with the statesmanlike words from Albanese and Dutton and reflect on why these guys are perpetually at 10 per cent. Have some respect son,” former deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth even chimed in.

A Greens spokesman told news.com.au the Member for Melbourne stood by the tweet, saying now was as good a time as any to start discussions around a republic and Treaty with First Nations people.

‘Ew a King’

TV and radio presenter Abbie Chatfield delivered a scathing assessment of the Queen’s eldest son following the monarch’s death on Friday at the age of 96.

Filming herself from bed, she took the opportunity to declare colonialism as “not great” as she fired off shots after apparently waking to the news.

“OK, so the Queen is dead,” Chatfield flippantly began.

“(It’s) obviously sad that someone has died, sad for her family.

“The colonialism, not great; the monarchy, not my favourite thing in the world.”

Despite admitting she knew little about the next in line for the throne, Chatfield mocked vomiting when she mentioned “King Charles”, correctly pointing out it is no longer the 1700s.

“The thing I got a bit sick about is … I just saw a video that was, like, ‘King Charles made a statement …’”

“King? King?! King Charles?!

The former Bachelor contestant went on to suggest the soon-to-be King was not “competent”, although declines to cite her sources on having heard not good things about him.

“From what I gather, he isn’t very competent – not that they (the royal family) really do anything,” she said. “He isn’t very kind or competent. I don’t really know, and I haven’t heard good things about Charles.

“Also, it isn’t (the) 1700s. ‘The King?’ Ew! Ew! Oh, my God. I knew this day was coming, but I don’t like it. ‘King Charles …’.”

Chatfield’s post caused a stir, with the star coping a brutal backlash in the comments.

The star claims she was told to “shut up” with one woman writing to her: “Shut your mouth for once.”

“Use your platform in a positive way about this, not going off your head,” an early childhood educator wrote to her.

“If you’re an early childhood educator, maybe don’t troll someone online,” Chatfield clapped back.

“Hope everyone’s learning things about people they know today.

“To all the monarchists going crazy in my DMs, I said it was sad she’s dead. You can’t deny that colonialism exists.

“It’s sad that somebody has died. But if the word colonialism makes you so angry you want to send me paragraphs about how I’m a bitch, or say ‘shut the f**k up’, or say I have to unfollow you now, maybe you should re-evaluate how you understand history and current politics as well.

“So yeah, sad she’s died, but the weirdest thing for me is going to be having Prince Charles, or I guess King Charles, on our money.”

‘Bit soon’ to make jokes about Queen’s death

Australian comedy royalty The Chaser may have taken a step too far, as posts poking fun at the Queen’s death draw a shocked reaction on social media.

The team behind The Chaser didn’t waste a second before posting a string of satirical posts poking fun at her death.

Memes relating to the new King Charles and R U OK day have trickled onto the comedy team’s Facebook page.

“R U OK day not going well at palace,” read one.

A post meant to give off the appearance of being a leaked internal email from publisher Charles Firth gives advice on how to report on the event.

“Her Royal Highness Her Majesty The Queen has just passed away, so it‘s vitally important that this newsroom remain RESPECTFUL when talking about royals in the coming days,” the email read.

“It’s VITALLY IMPORTANT we don’t mention that time (Charles) told Camilla he wanted to be her tampon. Let’s keep that under wraps.”

There were digs at the Queen’s controversial son Prince Andrew, who has widely been the subject of scrutiny over his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Numerous jabs were made in relation to the late Lady Diana, of whom the public only recently commemorated the 25th anniversary of her death.

“It goes without saying that Diana never existed. We don’t want the website to crash (with complaints about puns about her),” the post read.

Other jokes stoked the flames on a very recent sex scandal relating to Prince William and the Harry and Meghan “Megxit” saga.

“Fingers crossed this will do even better numbers than Diana’s funeral!’ was used to sign-off the deliberately inflammatory message.

Outraged members of the public took to the comments sections to rip into the comedians for rushing to make jokes about the historical day.

“Bit soon guys … show some respect,” wrote Michael Fitzgerald.

“Your disrespect is appalling,” Wendy Hunter said.

“I’ve been a loyal chaser fan for years, even purchasing merch to financially support you. You’ve lost me now … I’m unfollowing you!”

“Tone deaf on this occasion,” wrote Irene Tredrea.

The majority seemed able to laugh at the lightness on what is on the whole a day of mourning across the globe.

“RIP Queen, their music will be with us forever,” one poster wrote.

“Never too soon guys. she was just waiting like the rest of the British for Boris to go,” wrote Kelly Tipton.

“Best of luck to King Charles. He‘s had the longest apprenticeship EVER,” Mandy Neill said.

In a statement posted on Friday morning, The Chaser team defended their posts.

“Sometimes in comedy you put a foot wrong,” they said.

“Last night we tweeted some things in the heat of the moment that on reflection were still very funny and you can all expect another week of this.”

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